Reasons to Buy a Home Duirng The Holiday Season…

    There are plenty of positives to buying a home during the holidays that may make the headaches of moving worth the effort, including:

    1. Less Competition – The same issues that make holiday moving a hassle tend to keep people from shopping for homes at that time. While there may be fewer homes available, there are also fewer homebuyers – and that should equal less competition for any home that fits your needs.

    2. Motivated Sellers – It’s likely that people who are selling their homes over the holidays are highly motivated to do so. Combine motivated sellers with decreased competition and you have great leverage to get a better deal.

    3. Lower Prices – Home prices have been rising rapidly, in part because of an overall shortage of homes.

    4. Faster Closings – As a general rule, everyone involved in a holiday real estate transaction wants to complete the transaction before the year ends. Motivated parties should make the closing process go as smoothly as possible – but do your part by having all the required paperwork in order.

     5. Better Interest Rates – Interest rates are still near historical lows. Online calculators are available to show you how much you can save over the life of a mortgage with even a slight decrease in interest rates. You may be surprised at the savings.

    6. Motivated Agents – Lower activity in the housing market means that real estate agents are dealing with fewer clients. They have more time to devote to your situation, and, with fewer sales commissions available, they may be just a bit more motivated to bring your purchase to completion.

    7. Related Seasonal Sales – Need new furniture or other items for your new home? Plenty of seasonal clearance sales will be available to help you apply a personal touch.


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