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    Helpful HomeOwner Preparation tips for Winter & Fall…

                                                      The days are cooling off and its a reminder that we need to start prepping for fall and winter.

    Here are some helpful tips for all you homeowners…
    -Cold weather brings on freezing so start covering exposed pipes with insulation.
    – Clean out the Gutters. When leaves and other debris freeze in our gutters we can really end up with some big problems in the spring thaw.
    -Put all those kid toys, adult toys away, garden hoses and lawn furniture to prevent them from breaking in the freezing temps.
    -Seal up any windows or doors that you may feel some cold air creeping in. This will help you on your heating bills.
    -One big thing inside the home is to make sure that your CO & Smoke Detectors are all working correctly. As you start turning on your heat sources you will want to protect your family.
    -Clean out the Chimney.

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