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Halloween Homeowner Safety Tips

“When you think of Halloween, you probably think about candy, costumes, haunted houses, and parties. However, homeowners need to think a little deeper to make sure their home stays safe this Halloween.”

Homeowner Safety Tips:

-Turn on your porch light if you want trick-or-treaters! Don’t forget to provide lighting outside as well.

-Get rid of any tripping hazards in the walkway.

-Remove slipping hazards like wet leaves from the steps and sidewalk.

-Try to use battery powered lights in jack-o-lanters instead of candles. If you use a candle, set it out of the walk way to prevent accidental fires.

-Keep dried leaves and cornstalks away from flames and heat sources.

-Don’t drape decorative fabric over a light bulb.

-Make sure paper or cloth is kept away from burning candles.

-Do not overload outlets or extension cords with lighting or special effects.

-Avoid using luminaries (small candles inside decorative paper bags) as lighting.

-Keep pets locked away or indoors to protect them from vehicles or incidents with trick-or-treaters.

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