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Dryer Yearly Maintenance


  • Clean the lint filter after every dryer load.
  • Replace the door seal if it’s loose, worn, damaged or hardened. If you don’t, the warm dryer air will escape, forcing the unit to work harder. Check the seal by holding a tissue near door while the dryer is running. If the tissue is sucked toward the door, replace the seal. Order it and adhesive ($7 to $20) from the manufacturer or an appliance store.
  • Replace flexible plastic exhaust ducting with aluminum or steel. It’s more efficient and reduces the risk of fire. Limit the length of duct runs if possible, and keep sags out of longer runs if you have to use them, because they collect lint that can restrict or even block the flow of warm exhaust air. This puts a strain on the dryer fan and reduces overall efficiency.

Two Times a Year

  • Clean the lint filter with soap and water to remove built-up soap and fabric softener.
  • Clean the outdoor vent with a stiff bristle brush.

Once a Year

  • Disconnect the exhaust duct and remove accumulated lint. This should really be done a couple times a year if possible.
  • Vacuum lint from the dryer heater box. To get this area, remove the access panel. Most are held in place by clips and screws, but check the product manual. Always unplug the machine or shut down the gas connection before you remove the panel.


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